Circuit Technology Services

Circuit Technology Services offers a wide range of test services. We have the technology and expertise for all of your PCB testing requirements. Our goal is to provide you with outstanding test services that will give you the capability and capacity you need.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Test

Circuit Technology Services is able to perform all types of PCB test.

Whether it is flying probe or fixture based grid test, we have the latest equipment to get the job done quickly and accurately.

We are able to test all varieties of PCBs, including rigid, semi-rigid, and flexible circuits. From simple technology boards to complex boards with wire-bond pads, we can test it all.

Test Fixtures

Or if you prefer, we can build reliable test fixtures for your internal test equipment.

High-Voltage Test & Hipot Test

Reliability is becoming more critical with modern PCB designs. Field failures due to dielectric breakdown or circuit failures can be catastrophic. Circuit Technology Services is able to perform HiPot and Hi-Voltage tests that help ensure the long term integrity of the PCB.

CTS can perform theses tests according to your specific requirements whether IPC, Military or customer driven.

TDR Impedance Test

More and more PCBs require impedance test to ensure proper signal function. Impedance issues can cause performance and reliability problems that are easily detected through TDR test. CTS has the expertise to help with your impedance test needs.

Kelvin Test

Traditional continuity test methods only do a basic pass/fail test that may miss critical defects. 4-wire Kelvin test is the best method for ensuring that circuit connections are optimal. Kelvin tests detect defects such as via and hole wall conductivity issues, trace line imperfections that cause high resistance, and surface contaminations that cause contact issues.

PCB Rework

In a perfect manufacturing world, all printed circuits boards would pass test.

Unfortunately this is not always the case. But many PCBs that fail electrical test not only can be repaired, but after repair will both perform and look like new.

Other Tests

Circuit Technology Services also offers a variety of other electrical test services.