High Voltage & Hipot Test

High Voltage Test

Reliability is becoming more critical with modern PCB designs. Field failures due to dielectric breakdown or circuit failures can be catastrophic. Circuit Technology Services is able to perform Hipot and Hi-Voltage tests that help ensure the long term integrity of the PCB.

CTS can perform theses tests according to your specific requirements whether IPC, Military or customer driven.

Hipot Test

HiPot test, also known as dielectric withstanding voltage test, ensures that the dielectric material of the PCB is able to withstand a higher than working voltage for a certain period of time. This test is typically done on the power and ground nets of the PCB, where a failure may result in a catastrophic failure of the PCB and its surrounding system.

  • Helps detect potential dielectric breakdown failures
  • Up to 5000 VAC/40mA
  • Up to 6000 VDC/10mA
  • Ramp time programmable 0-999 seconds
  • Test time programmable 0-999 seconds

Hi-Voltage Testing

Hi-Voltage test applies a higher than normal test voltage to ensure that the PCB nets are able to perform under this stress. This test can be performed on the entire board or specific nets only.

  • Flying Probe Test
  • Up to 1000VDC

Insulation Resistance Test

Insulation resistance testing measures the resistance of the insulative material or dielectric to ensure that it will meet specification. The benefits are similar to HiPot testing.

  • Up to 10GOhm
  • Up to 1000 VDC