Other Tests & Services

Other Tests

Circuit Technology Services also offers a variety of other electrical test services including the following:

Test Programming

We can quickly and accurately supply you with working programs for your internal test equipment.

  • Flying probe and Fixtures
  • Rapid Response time
  • IPC-D-356 to netlist comparison

Buried Resistor and Capacitor Test

Many PCBs have embedded resistor or capacitors which need to be tested to ensure correct board function.

  • Tested per your value and tolerance
  • Tested on Flying Probe tester
  • Can be done in conjunction with standard electrical test or done separately

Ground Continuity Test

The ground continuity test tests whether the ground points of a device under test are well connected to each other, and as well as to the main ground.

  • To 0.001 Ohm

Functional Tests

Performed per your instructions.