PCB Rework

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Rework

In a perfect manufacturing world, all printed circuits boards would pass test. Unfortunately this is not always the case. However, many PCBs that fail electrical test not only can be repaired, but after repair will both perform and look like new.

Repair Software

At CTS, rework is done utilizing sophisticated repair software which quickly identifies PCB failure locations. A graphical image of the circuit board is displayed along with the specific network(s) that need rework. The exact location of the failure(s) can then be quickly determined.

Circuit Repair

A very common PCB failure is a short circuit. By removing the excess conductive material that is causing the short, the PCB can be repaired to working condition.

Circuit Welding

Another common PCB failure is an open circuit. By placing and welding a new trace ribbon to bridge the open gap, open circuits can be repaired in a very safe manner. The welding process ensures that the circuit will remain reliable over the life of the PCB.


Sometimes there are PCB failures that are more difficult to locate and identify. Our experienced staff is able to pinpoint these hard to find failures.