PCB Test

Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Circuit Technology Services is able to perform all types of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) test.

Whether it is flying probe or fixture based grid test, we have the latest equipment to get the job done quickly and accurately.

We are able to test all varieties of PCBs, including rigid, rigid-flex, and flexible circuits. From simple technology boards to complex boards with wire-bond pads, we can test it all.

Or if you prefer, we can build reliable test fixtures for your internal test equipment. See our capabilities listed below.

Grid Testing

Grid testing is the industry standard for the most complete and reliable test method.

A custom built test fixture specific to your PCB will work seamlessly with any of our grid testers.

With test times as fast as 4000 test points per second, grid testing is a great option for your time critical orders.

  • Provides the fastest test times
  • Nets tested simultaneously to other nets
  • Double density and single density formats
  • Up to 19.2” x 16.0” testable area
  • Good for medium to high volume runs

Flying Probe Test

Flying probe testing is becoming more prevalent in the industry and for good reasons. There are some PCB board types that cannot be tested on a grid tester due to pad size or other technology constraints.

Flying probe programming is quick and relatively inexpensive. With speeds up to 3000 test points per minute, flying probe test can still get your job done on time.

  • Quick setup and test for low volume runs
  • Able to test down to 2 mil pads
  • Up to 24” x 27” testable area
  • Minimal to no witness marks
  • Good for small prototype runs
  • Buried resistor and capacitor test option
  • Cavity board test capability

Scanner Based Test

Built on proven test technology of flying probe testers, electro-mechanical scan testing is the latest in PCB test technology.

The PCB is electrically scanned which typically tests 90% or more of the PCB. This information is sent to the flying probe testers, which then seamlessly complete the test process.

Test times can increase up to 10 times compared to flying probe test alone, with the same test coverage and quality.

  • Up to 24” x 27” testable area
  • Leaves no witness marks
  • No ground plane needed for fastest test
  • Good option for medium volume runs or boards without ground planes

Test Fixtures

A reliable test fixture is critical to grid testing results. We build test fixtures day in and day out for our test machines.

The same quality and technology goes into the test fixtures we ship to our customers. If you are struggling with test fixtures that don‘t work, we have a solution for you.

  • Multiple formats supported including Mania and Everett Charles
  • Single and double density
  • Single and double sided
  • Netlist and repair files included with fixtures
  • Programming only service available for flying probe and test fixture