Why CTS?

Testing Facility

Circuit Technology Services can provide scalable and flexible testing solutions specific to your needs. We offer a best-fit solution based on what’s important to you.


CTS is equipped to handle every type of printed circuit board testing. No job is too big or small; we handle each job with the same outstanding service you need and expect. Take advantage of our extensive expertise and experience in PCB test. We have the resources to ensure your orders are done on time, all the time.

Cost-Effective / Efficient Use of Resources

We have invested in printed circuit board test equipment so you don’t have to. Test costs can become a variable cost instead of a fixed cost, freeing up your capital. Maybe your company has some older test equipment, and you are struggling to test certain products. We can provide a solution for you.

Independent Quality

We will give you independent, accurate test results. We will perform, with the highest level of quality. You don’t have to suffer through the consequences of test escapes. If you need unbiased, quality testing, CTS can help.

Who We’re Right For

The customers we serve at CTS are from all fields of the printed circuit board and electronics products industries. They range in size from small start-up companies to large corporations.

PCB Manufacturers

Printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers understand the importance of electrical test and how it impacts quality.

Some of our customers rely on us for all of their testing needs. Others use our services for testing needs beyond their capability or capacity.

Whatever the case, we have testing options designed to help your company’s specific needs.

PCB Brokers

PCB brokers are another great fit for our services.

Every PCB manufacturer tests their PCBs differently and may not have certain test capabilities, and the quality you expect and demand may or may not be there.

Don’t leave your critical orders to chance. We can give you independent, proven test results that you can rely on.

Circuit Board Assemblers

PCB assemblers also take advantage of our services.

If there is concern about incoming PCB quality or reliability, our testing services can provide assurance before the assembly process begins Impedance test and rework services are other services we can provide.

Electronic Product Companies

We work with electronic product companies. From rework and troubleshooting services to impedance test we can help ensure your products work.

We can also perform some types of functional test per your specifications.